il2 Cliffs of Dover/Blitz Server News

Now on to the update about Tobruk.

We are starting this thread which will serve as the main thread for information about 5.0/Tobruk. It will be closed but we will start separate threads for everyone to comment on. We will update this thread with new info, material, and screenshots/videos when we have them. I'm hopeful we can have bi-weekly updates for the next couple of months showcasing both new and old material, especially on the map and new aircraft. This way we will have a single area where people can go to to get info on 5.0/Tobruk. We will bump the thread when new material is added, along with a link to a newly created thread for everyone to comment on.

With that said, now we can really move on to the update.

OnAircraftLanded and OnAircraftCrashLanded events are not called any more in multiplayer. We've been aware of this issue and the crippling effect it has on certain servers and have been working hard on finding a fix. We have found the cause of this issue and are making great progress with it and are close to having it corrected. It is still in testing but things are looking promising. We hope to have this ready shortly.

Also some great news on the SP front. The AI behavior and routines are actively being revised and we hope to start Beta testing these soon. These are in great hands who did excellent work on the AI in Il-2 1946.

Each section below will be updated when we showcase that particular aircraft or object or topic. This is not a complete list but will become more complete as we gather all the info into this single thread. 

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il2 BoX Series Server News

One month has passed since the Battle of Kuban release, but the first Bodenplatte aircraft will be ready next month, therefore we have decided not to delay further and release this 'tiny' in-between update, that contains 84 changes and additions, before May.

Because of the many changes and fixes, it can't be called a hotfix anymore, it's a full-blown update 3.002. Almost a half of the list is occupied by Career mode improvements - as we have promised before, its development continues after the release of Kuban. Now we're tuning it and fixing the bugs, but in June we plan to add many new mission types.

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